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wedding/gift list service


Welcome to the Wedding/Gift list service.


Looking forward to a big event? That could mean a wedding, a baby on the way, a christening, a major anniversary, a birthday or moving house. John Lewis and Argos Wedding and Gift List are two of the most popular lists in the UK and first choice for people with a major event to celebrate. Wedding and Gift list Service provides you and your family and friends the opportunity to buy you wedding gifts from the UK. It links you up to websites where you can create a wedding wish list for yourself so your friends and family can get you the gifts of your dream.


You can register, locate, choose and manage the list you by using the Argos and/or John Lewis wedding/gift list services.


To use this facility, visit   and click on wedding list. This will lead you to the Wedding list links –Argos and John Lewis. On entering your site of your choice, please follow instructions.


With the free wedding list service you enjoy the following;


·         You can draw up your personalised shopping list from two leading stores in the UK (Argos and John Lewis)

·         Family and friends can buy you gifts from your wish list wherever they are (UK or Nigeria) and pay in Local currency

·         Avoid duplication of gifts

·         It is free

·         Goods are delivered direct to your doorstep


For more information and to register for this service, visit our website now or call now on 08069255559, 01-8771394 or +447983986285 and one of our Customer Service officers will be glad to help you.


All you need do is to include the instruction below on Wedding Invitation Card;


‘ If you would like to buy us a gift, please visit (name of store e.g Argos) wedding list and type in Ref. ……….for our list. You can make payment in Naira through ..Nigeria’s most easy to use shopping website’




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